Sober Transport Is Adding A New Service

Do you have a friend or family member who requires regular visits to the physical therapist, chemotherapy suite or a dialysis center? Do you have a spouse or parent who makes frequent visits to the family doctor or testing facility? Are you finding yourself missing days at work to accompany them… thus, also losing money? And who hasn’t gotten that dreaded phone call from a school nurse or camp counselor that their son or daughter has fallen and has been rushed to the Emergency Room for X-rays but you’re 50 miles away at a meeting or on a sales call?

Sober Transport Companion Services will help make your life easier by accompanying your loved one during any medical procedure, test or treatment. Our caring and experienced staff will stay with your family members for the entire visit or wait for you to arrive at your earliest convenience. We will also help with taking notes for those invaluable, though sometimes confusing and overwhelming instructions following a medical visit. Once you are available, we’ll review the entire visit with you and, if needed, help to schedule any further visits.

Though we are not a transportation service, we can arrange for a car or van service to provide transport to and from visits, if need be. As we cannot provide emergency services like ambulatory care, we would step in and greet your loved one when they arrive at the emergency room or doctors’ office.

Additionally, we understand how important it is that your loved ones receive their prescription medications in a timely manner, but we also know that it sometimes gets confusing and overwhelming to keep track of them. We can arrange for their refills to be picked up and delivered so they never miss a dose.

Think of us as an extended member of the family who is always available to lend a Helping Hand.

We also bring along my partner henry (the handsome one with the collar)


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