Uber Health Drivers Do Not Carry Narcan.

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

When I speak to people about Sober Transport I hear a lot of people say that they use uber health as their method of transportation.

This is not a solution and I believe it is the wrong choice as it is not the safest option when transporting someone to treatment. The price is also higher than taking a regular Uber.

Please be aware of the things listed below when you decide to order an Uber as transportation to a drug and alcohol rehab/treatment center.

1. They DO NOT CARRY NARCAN which is very crucial with the number of people dying every day without it.

2. They may make unsafe stops along the way.

3. Many drivers will cancel the ride to the treatment center if the client looks like they are detoxing.

4. There have been 3045 Sexual Assault cases reported by uber.

From the Huffington Post

A few weeks ago, one of Ryan’s friends died of an overdose in the sober living house. The facility didn’t have Narcan available. Neither did the EMTs who arrived at the scene: California law prohibits first responders from carrying essential medications like the EpiPen, Narcan, or even aspirin and Benadryl. Ryan’s friend was alive when the sober living house called 911, and active when the ambulance came. But without Narcan, there was no way to combat the overdose.

Full article

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